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First, we start work as soon as we receive your order with exact model, colors and options. Tell us the area you would normally shop for your car. We'll keep it local. At AutoAdvisor, you control the geography, timing and other aspects of your purchase. In a rush? We can help!

Second, we search thoroughly to locate the vehicles meeting your standards. Factory allocation reports and dealer locates are inaccurate. Our location work is so thorough that we state "If an automaker builds it you will have it". Once we locate your vehicle, we move ahead.

Third, we research to find hidden money applicable to your automobile.

Fourth, when product and price research is complete we do the negotiation for your best price; a price lower than any you could achieve in your marketplace. After our research and negotiation is complete, we review the research and transaction details for price and accuracy.

Fifth, when our verification is complete, AutoAdvisor presents the transaction to you. You will receive price, options and complete details of your automobile. You are given an exclusive contact to call. Set a time with your factory-authorized dealer to pick up your car. We recommend a test drive before you accept your new vehicle. Defects or damage? We'll get another. We work in your best interests, not those of the dealer.