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What We Mean by White Glove Service
Our White Glove Service takes you all the way through your automotive transaction. Save time by calling from your easy chair to enjoy the benefits of personal service.  For over 35 years, personal care with an experienced specialist has been the hallmark of AutoAdvisor™.

Work with a Person – Not a Computer Screen
When you call to start you'll be connected to a specialist whose job it is to learn about you and your needs.  Maybe you're arranging a car for yourself, your parents, or your children.  
Time could be pressuring you to have a car quickly or a need may encourage a custom factory order.  Your specialist will listen carefully to your ideal automobile desires.  We will also listen to and address other issues important to you such as safety, trade- in, insurance, financing, leasing or even relative value of technology.

Experienced People to Help With Tough Choices
Let our experts help you finalize your choices.  We've been test driving cars for over thirty years; touring factories, meeting the automakers’ designers and engineers.  Our job is to thoroughly know products on the market.
We consistently study, reliability, performance, safety, durability, luxury, personal value and market value. Your recommendations will be tailored to meet your values and taste.

We’ll arrange Your Test Drives; Sample and Enjoy
After a discussion about your choices, we'll arrange a walk around demonstration and sample drives at a convenient factory authorized dealer.  There is no obligation and no sales pressures, you are there to sample and enjoy.
You and your expert will review together your drive experiences and decisions. Once the vehicle is chosen, we move to review option details to create your automobile order.  Many vehicles can be located in your area.  A factory order may be best depending on the situation and it may well save you the most money.

We Shop Locally, Negotiate Individually
We will start shopping within the area you designate.  Your Personal Specialist will tie together all the important issues surrounding your transaction in a timely fashion.  We are quick to answer your questions accurately.  Accurate information is the basis of all intelligent action.  With AutoAdvisor, you control all the parameters of your transaction.
Your car or truck will be individually negotiated with signature to a price below any you'd find in your market.  If an automaker builds it, you can have it.  We work with 100% of the automakers and 100% of the dealers in the United States. 

We work for You, You are Not a Lead Generation
You have our undivided allegiance; we'd never take money from automobile sellers.  White Gloves coast to coast, Alaska and Hawaii too. We do not pass you off. Never!
We'll keep you up to date with the details by telephone on your progress toward delivery.  For some individuals it may be only a week for a few it could be over a year for unique special orders, usually handmade cars.

We Are There until Your Transaction is Complete
 When your car is soon to be available, we will walk you through by telephone how to inspect your automobile upon arrival, the paperwork and what to expect during the acceptance process.  During our process we are likely to bring up consumer laws, rights you have, or a way of doing something that protects you better.  AutoAdvisor is all about doing the best for the buyer.
A safety and damage inspection will be done to your car after it arrives at the dealership.  You'll be called as soon as we note the inspection outcome to set an appointment for accepting your new car.

We’re Available by Phone
Should you have questions we'll be here for  you for smooth sailing. You probably won't need to call us while you're taking delivery because you'll be well-prepared. 
If your car is new; wearing it in or breaking it in properly is critical to excellent long life.  Before you leave, we would like to review a bit about car care and how to have the highest resale value no matter when you liquidate.
To know you've done the best at the time is most satisfying. The majority of our clients are repeats and recommendations.
What We Can Do for You....
White Glove Service includes the following items as needed to fulfill your automotive transaction.  As each individual is unique the topics covered below are included; you may need all or some.

Personal Service including; person to person with experienced specialist guiding you with expert decision making processes.

Consumer Oriented including your consumer rights protected, open telephone access, no sales pressure, you values and needs respected as well as you automotive history and future.

Major Areas of the Transaction addressed including; the best vehicle choices for you, vehicles and options reviewed,  including safety, reliability and performance analysis, review of best options, sample drive arrangements and review/debriefing, technology explained,

Final Arrangements
including; sample drives for more verification, vehicle and option choice reviewed, finalized choice parameters, automobile price shopping, in stock locate of your exact car, custom factory order if needed, complete order tracking, vehicle options and price negotiation, overseas delivery arranging quality inspection and verification, how to inspect for acceptance

Special Areas of need can include; trade-in evaluation, totaled or wreck evaluation, financing or leasing review, finance or lease shopping, how to wear in your new car properly how to make it last 20 years, how to have the highest resale value.

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