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Closed for Remodeling
For 35 years, we have helped individuals one transaction at a time. Now we want to help many more. So, we are closed for remodeling. It's time to help many more, because so many are being over-charged like never before. Please accept our apology for not being able to help you at this time. Sincerely, Ashly Knapp

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Emotional car buying is what most people ever do. Since July 7, 1977 I have regularly interviewed and assisted thousands of individuals and couples. Collecting data and interviewing occurred before, during and after the car choosing/buying process.  To maintain honesty and accuracy a flat fee was charged no matter what type of vehicle was purchased. So a Yugo buyer would pay the same flat fee as a Rolls-Royce buyer. To my surprise the Rolls-Royce buyer although not spending their limit had near identical emotional problems as the Yugo buyer.

Emotional problems get in the way of intelligent reason-able thinking.

Not commonly understood is how a change in emotions will save you the most money in an automotive transaction. Advertising successfully employs emotion. Corporations use your emotions to extract money from your pocketbook. Your emotions are harnessed to divide your thinking. Advertisers and appliance sellers use brilliant psychological technique to create ultra-personal wedge issues. Surely thousands of people a year will put money into a car instead of food on the table for their family. This action has no meaning in the currency of capitalism where corn to make alcohol for driving cars always pays more against corn for food. Of course corn for food is really more valuable in a world of starving people and animals than corn for fuel to power machines. Don’t you think?

Our greed pulls at our emotions. Our emotions pull at our values. What are your priorities? Who is most important to you? We all have a need to be individuals. Simultaneously we hold a desire to fit in and get along. So, because all us individualists are alike; misinformation, mass confusion are part of mass marketing. Well watered words are the order of the day. Words like Crossover and SUV do more to confuse than define. A Smart Phone is not smart.

Maybe the ugliest, most dishonest and deadly phrase is: "Clean Diesel" I am truly shocked and upset that we, assumed well educated citizens of North America, could accept such a ridiculous expression. Please correct me if I'm wrong; there is no way to burn anything on planet earth without creating some form of pollution. Electric light, hybrid car, match, candle, steam generator all pollute. Clean Diesel is actually dirty. Dirty diesel, put that in your pipe and smoke it. We all choose to pollute and can control our volume of damage in most cases. My adversaries would tell you just my breathing is polluting.

The tricky use of words is expected from Madison Avenue. But the ability to convince a whole society or nation through the electronic media with misinformation and imagery has never been so powerful. Imagery, misinformation and other tactics have thrown off our sense of price and value. For the last decade and right now automakers and potential buyers are wrestling with the concept and value of luxury. It used to be the bigger was the most luxurious. Not anymore. It used to be that everybody wanted everything handmade, not anymore.

Cars cost too much. There is an astounding level of technology being poured into the private automobile that is absolutely unnecessary and often undesired. Much of the advertising is on the electronic gadgets of your mobile living room and nothing to do with the functions of an automobile. The fanciest audio system and most comfortable seat many people own is in their automobile.

Your car is the most technologically advanced product you'll ever own. A virtual Swiss Army knife of travelin technology. Your automaker now expects you to pay a monthly subscription fee for electronic tracking services. The automaker knows the interior cabin temperature you set. They can easily monitor your heart rate while you're driving through the twisty bits. Your car's black box may contain information that sends you to jail. Love driving the open road? All cars and trucks carry an aspect of a toy. So many bright candy colors, soft textures and plenty of delicious illumination. That's okay to keeps things fresh. But there is a price when a car becomes a pure toy. There is a point at which many of us become unrealistic with the purchase.

Automakers slow progress, holdback technology and have overcomplicated profitable solutions.  Vehicle manufacturers build in thousands of dollars for marketing and advertising on each car that you pay for. What's up with that? The manufacturers absolute biggest secret: Exactly what does it cost to build that car? All advertisers hide the tremendous expense of advertising and marketing because if you knew what it cost, it might ruin the effect.

Most all of us are being overcharged for more than we want. Most of us earn money by spending our personal time at a job. So when I spend my money I am spending my time. Time is our most valuable commodity. It is insulting for corporations to expect us to wait on the telephone for their operators to correct a problem that could easily be corrected without wasting your precious time staying on the phone.There is a brand-new luxury car dealership of the future, just completed, which is now a model for all the new car luxury dealerships. It has a big waiting room where you can eat, watch movies, do a whole day's work on your high speed Wi-Fi connected laptop computer or tablet, play billiards and more.  It's absolutely the opposite of luxury to have a machine rob you of time. Luxury loses when you lose time. Unless you work there, almost nobody ever wants to be at a car dealership or any other appliance store. Maybe the waiting room should be called the wasting room?

As the Internet grows so has ripoff. Racism, sexism and ageism are as big as ever. Retail commission salesmen still dominate. Car sales women and men learn to profile and push for profits at an early age. Through states rights new car automobile dealers are so powerful they have eliminated their competition and now tell automakers what to do. To be one of the owners of the 18,000  new car dealerships in the United States is to be a multimillionaire. Often the wealthiest employer in many communities. The dealership's idea of fair is thousands of dollars different from your idea of fair. Automobiles are the number one cause of consumer complaints in the United States. Just recently a major automaker's finance department was successfully prosecuted for racist credit practices. The fastest rising complaint: towing issues. Sadly related to hard financial times. Multimillionaires and billionaire corporations are always happy to loan and lease you more than you can afford. It's a good way to make money.

Another good way to take your money is to take away your legal rights. Many car dealers have an arbitration clause built within their sales contracts, loan and lease contracts too.  If you sign it; you can't go to court. You sign away your consumer rights. The consumer laws in your city, state and federal government don't apply anymore. The Consumer Federation of America wants a federal law banning unfair arbitration from sales contracts.  No laws cover arbitration. As a rule arbitration is unfair. What kind of American would want to take away your legal rights?


Another good way to take your money is to take away your legal rights. Many car dealers have an arbitration clause built within their sales contracts, loan and lease contracts too.  If you sign it; you can't go to court. You sign away your consumer rights. The consumer laws in your city, state and federal government don't apply anymore. The Consumer Federation of America wants a federal law banning unfair arbitration from sales contracts.  No laws cover arbitration. As a rule arbitration is unfair. What kind of American would want to take away your legal rights?

There are proven techniques in which you can buy any make, any model, most anywhere at most any time and get the absolute lowest price on the vehicle you want. Automobile dealers who are elected to state government, weasel in anti-citizen laws across the nation. In one state being able to advertise "The Lowest Price" was ruled illegal just to save all new car dealer's fortunes. Legislating anti-citizen, anti-capitalism is now rampant among our coddled millionaire elected officials. Too many states have systematically outlawed citizens getting together to buy cars cheaper. Additionally new automakers with new technologies are blocked or forced to use antiquated dealers. Capitalistic Consumer Citizens have rights, we are demanding of our rights. The overwhelming majority of citizens are not millionaires.

Can you imagine a law broker? You know someone who goes into the courtroom kind of representing you but kind of helping the side against you. And while they are kind of representing your legal problems they are getting paid by your adversary. Or how about this: your accountant is a tax broker?  The tax broker seems to work for you. The tax broker helps get all you can pay to the government. The tax broker like the legal broker does all this work for cheap. They can do all the work cheaply for you because the government is paying a percentage of the money extracted from you back to the tax broker.

Of course law brokers and tax brokers are illegal and unethical. Whoever pays you is your boss. The AAA, TrueCar, Costco and others like them, work for the new car dealers. They take money from the dealers. The dealers have control of these Internet funneling services and the unsuspecting citizens who walk into their showroom. You're thrown at the dealers with the illusion of protection.

  Auto Advisor have always worked as a professional service receiving money exclusively from and to benefit my clients. Buyers' services which are paid for exclusively by the buyer and brokers which are usually paid by the dealer are independent price saving powerhouses for the citizen consumer. Billion dollar dealer lobbying of elected state officials and have rendered impotent or made these valuable independent consumer services illegal. Citizens are actively kept in the dark away from the best value.

Car buying on the Internet or in person is the same old, same old, with some fresh distractions and window dressing. You are now politely overcharged, usually politely. The arm-twisting starts with advertising, social pressure and exotic technologies. It ends with mechanical breakdown, rapid devaluation, financial failure, body disfigurement, and death to name a few shortcomings. There are over 30 million crashes a year. A fatality is simply a traffic delay. You know the benefits of the modern automobile they are advertised daily.


Only 25% of United States citizens complete four years of college. Capitalistic Consumer Citizens too often are wimpish and deliberately kept ignorant, this is the majority. We are under-educated so as not to know what we deserve as citizens of the United States of America and free capitalists. Fewest in number on the showroom floor but disproportionately powerful is the rude aggressive buyer.

These rude buyers are complimented on the sales floor by the overly "guarded buyer".
Suspicious acting individuals who treats the salesperson as if they were going to steal their signature which is as insulting as the rude buyer. These two types of common buyers create a predictable response in behavior on the salesperson's behalf. Automotive salespeople last an average of under one year because of ridiculous pressures and insulting degrading treatment by buyers and bosses alike. The salesperson becomes an emotional victim. Nobody pities the salesperson. The automobile purchase process is still stifling, antiquated, disproportionately expensive and absolutely obsolete. The powerfully profitable few new car automobile dealers are loving it all the way to the bank.

I, Ashly Knapp started AutoAdvisor Inc. to help individuals know, demand and receive the best proven automobile technology for the lowest price, including financing. We were the first to offer such a service. For the first seven years we simply consulted for an hourly fee. I would educate individuals or groups on how to cut through the car buying and ownership baloney. I would teach as intricate a detail as one would want to know or need on how to squeeze every penny and save the most time buying the best car for you. There is a deep satisfaction in working to success with each individual. I truly empathize with my clients for the best journey and outcome. Choices changed with education as value increased. To achieve exactly what you want for less money than you thought you'd spend is always thrilling to my clients and myself. Our White Glove Service was absolutely a luxurious purchase experience.

In 1984 we went the next step and began to fetch cars for our clients while guaranteeing the lowest price. We went nationwide in 1988 and became the belle of the financial journals when it came to automobile; buying and information. With common write ups in Money magazine and Smart Money magazine regularly over the next decade. For years I picked their 10 best cars before the editors shaped my list, and maybe the advertising departments too.

Till now we have been focused on helping individuals with one transaction at a time. Now we must help thousands at a time. We need to help more people keep control physically and financially of their transportation issues. With middle-class wages staying essentially the same for the past 20 years, automobile ownership can precipitate catastrophe.

Since the early 1970s in college I began to study the history of technology and automobile transportation in particular. Retail transaction value is my specialty. I have studied most every aspect of automobile building and selling from the tiniest roller bearing to the fattest rebate and everything in between. Dinner for decades with the most powerful automotive, advertising and marketing executives. Privileged to spend time with the world's most brilliant engineers and designers in their offices and laboratories. Privileged to travel with and get to know personally the finest automobile writers in the world. Concerned yet privileged to tour so many assembly plants, manufacturers and design studios and to drive the latest, hottest, newest automobiles before many went on sale gives me a unique insight into the world's most powerful industry.

Soon we will be re-opening with a heap fresh thinking to help thousands of individuals achieve the best automotive and transportation outcome for themselves, personally. We look forward to empowering you to waste less time and money on your personal transportation. All the while increasing your happiness with machines of complete satisfaction that you control with no maintenance that last a lifetime is my continued goal.  

"Put down the fiddle Nero"